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Healing the Legacy
Hey there!

I'm Kristielyn Jones

It's nice to meet you family.

In short, I am a recovering addict, a mother to an amazing teenage boy, and an Indigenous Entrepreneur. I've been running this business for over 3 years, and have an instilled conviction of helping others work through tough relationship dynamics, within themselves with within their families. 

I have experienced "toxic" work environments, romantic and platonic relationships, colleagues, and others, who have portrayed a certain level of unhealthy attachments due to Codependent behaviour.


But the common denominator to all of those experiences....was me. The moment I took an honest look at myself, and my own toxic shit, I began the process of self-development and healing.

It's my honour and privilege to provide my lived experience, and professional guidance as a certified and trauma-informed life coach to the good people who've come to this page. Together, with consistency, commitment, and education, I'll teach you to how to effectively overcome your own "toxic" and codependent behaviour. 

So you can cultivate a calm and decent quality of life while fostering meaningful relationships. Instead of feeling like you always have to manipulate, lie, or do unethically passive behaviour to succeed in life.

There's a better way, I promise you. 

Have questions? Great, let's get this meaningful conversation started. Book an intro call with me below. 

"The Divine in Me, Sees the Divine in You"

My values
Image by Billy Pasco


Strength to believe I am Divinely Guided in every moment

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov


The Divine in me, sees the Divine in You; Unity Conciousness.

Image by Jackson David


God is Love, and God is Everywhere. Divine Order.


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Mahsi cho!

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Frozen Branch
We all have a purpose

“I worked with Kristielyn as she was developing a Guardians program for young Indigenous people in support of the stewardship of lands in her Nation’s territory. She is a dedicated mother, a hard working professional, and a charismatic, a passionate change-maker capable of catalyzing transformation in her own life as well as in others. Anybody that is serious about change, needing meaningful support with seemingly insurmountable challenges, or perhaps just a different perspective to help you get unstuck, would benefit from time with Kristielyn, as she speaks from the heart, and coaches based on her own direct and diverse experience.”

Dave Flanders, Consultant, Urban Systems



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