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I'm Kristielyn Jones

I am a Two-Spirited Dene Woman from the Northwest Territories. I grew up on the land and have instilled values of protecting, preserving and learning from Mother Earth. Over the years I have learned that in order for us to truly have an impact on helping her, we must in turn heal ourselves, for we are intrinsically apart of her. 

Throughout my Awakening, I realized that I would be of much better service in helping fellow Empath's find their truth and become empowered leaders of future. I have overcome many demons in my life, but I stand strong in my conviction for sovereignty in unity, faith and love. I am rooted in the Lakota Spiritual Traditions, elements of the Christian faith, inclusive of a 12 Step Recovery Program.

The Divine in Me, Sees the Divine in You

My values
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  • Faith is the strength to believe I am Divinely Guided in every moment

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  • Unity, for the Divine in me, sees the Divine in You; Unity Conciousness.

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  • Love, God is Love, and God is Everywhere. Divine Orchestration of Life. 


If you believe in this work and would like to support our business, please contact me through email at

Mahsi cho!

Healing the Legacy Coaching

Every Empath's Secret Weapon

Green Leaves
We all have a purpose

My Services

I offer a plethora of Services to my clients based on the transferable skills and training from my former career, with a demystifying flare of the esoteric. Aligning Souls Purpose with my Passion to help others, has created this beautiful synergy of talents and Divine gifts.

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“I worked with Kristielyn as she was developing a Guardians program for young Indigenous people in support of the stewardship of lands in her Nation’s territory. She is a dedicated mother, a hard working professional, and a charismatic, a passionate change-maker capable of catalyzing transformation in her own life as well as in others. Anybody that is serious about change, needing meaningful support with seemingly insurmountable challenges, or perhaps just a different perspective to help you get unstuck, would benefit from time with Kristielyn, as she speaks from the heart, and coaches based on her own direct and diverse experience.”

Dave Flanders, Consultant, Urban Systems



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