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Healing the Legacy

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Healing the Legacy is a 3-month intensive coaching program where I teach you how to HEAL yourself from Codependency. 

Recognizing the problem is usually the first step. Now this could look like repeating failed relationships, getting fired from work, quitting a job, obsessively trying to jeopardize a relationship or feeling anxious about a partner leaving you. Not to mention the burden it has on our family and intimate relationship dynamics.​

The conditions that play into the codependency are the ones you created in your mind. Clinically, it’s described as being addicted to relationships. To people. But it’s so much more than this. It’s a complex, insidious beast that can be tamed and manipulated to serve your highest purpose. If you choose to overcome it. ​


One step at a time.​

One breath at a time.​

One messy transformation at a time.

Not holding yourself accountable to your actions is only going to breed the next train wreck of a relationship, or the next loss of a good friendship. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can do better.

You can BE better.​

In this program, I share a lot of my insights as a recovering addict and codependent. A lot of the lessons that I’ve learned had birthed this beautiful creation called Healing the Legacy. Many long nights of crying, days of overriding anxiety and coming to terms with myself and my life. It’s just as healing for me as it is for you, that’s how it works. It reminds me to walk the talk and to stay in alignment, so that I'm thriving and able to do this important work with you.​ If you resonate with any of my content, please book in a coaching call, before it's too late and you're grieving another failed relationship. Not sharing this wisdom is a waste and I want to see you thrive in a healthy way. Especially as Empaths and Light workers, we can often find ourselves stuck energetically in these dynamics. ​

For our children and the ones yet to come.​


Walk with me on this journey, together, eye to eye, as One Empowered Nation. As Creator intended us to be.


Healing the Legacy

I offer a plethora of Services to my clients based on the transferable skills and training from my former career, with a demystifying flare of the esoteric. Aligning Souls Purpose with my Passion to help others, has created this beautiful synergy of talents and Divine gifts.

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