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Donations of Hope

One of the biggest barriers for Indigenous People in the North, and all across Turtle Island, is funding to receive the healing that our People desperately need. Many of the Indigenous People in the North are on low-income, or are suffering from mental health & addictions, which impede their ability to seek the healing they desire.


We can't talk about healing without talking about Residential Schools and the intergenerational impact that it has on our People. One of the most destructive affects is codependency and survival. Healing the Legacy Program offers a chance for our People to achieve lasting change in their lives; one more stepping stone to achieving full sovereignty. 


Coaching isn't yet covered by our Canadian Healthcare System; but until then, donations to help a Brother or Sister to partake in the Healing the Legacy Program, can change their lives forever. The donation or sponsorship that you provide, could help the next innovator, the next healer, the next influential leader for our Nation, or it could help a mother connect to her children in a whole new way. Like a ripple effect, it could help heal families, communities and Nations. 


If you would like to donate, please click on the donate button below. Or if you would like to sponsor a seat for the program, please email me at or you can purchase the program here with a note stating that you are a sponsor.


 Mahsi cho (Thank you very much) 

Photo by: Mark Zahacy

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