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A quiet walk at Dawn

It has been a hot minute since I’ve written anything on here. I can understand why some would have such a hard time keeping up with creative writing, while having their hands busy on a million other tasks and scales. Slow down Kris, it’s meant to be this way.

I have been spending a lot of time resting and sleeping the past few days. It‘s been at least a couple of months since I’ve felt this exhausted from the energetic upgrades and purging. Ascension is a full time job. Haha. Yup. It’s beautiful though. Exquisitely serene. A taste of heaven, that I’ve never seen. To explain to you the types of things that I see or the feelings that I feel, I would need a million different colours and senses to describe it. Some feels familiar, sometimes it’s foreign. The emotional release from reaching a certain junction in the space time continuum is surreal. It’s like I’ve been waiting lifetimes to reach that state and all I can do is cry, relieved, and tired, but so loved. All in one moment. I cherish those moments. They help me to push forward, reach higher, further into the eternal abyss of the Ethers. To practice my gifts, to relinquish control, to ask questions but also know that the best answers are also found in silence. Laugh. Play. Cry. Appreciate. Simplify.

I‘m getting waaaaay off topic from the whole reason why I came on here in the first place haha!

On the second day, before I went to sleep, I decided to take a walk at dawn. So I did. Surrendered to each step, each breath, as I watched the trees and heard the birds sing. Two birds. Dead streets. Serenity in the silence. I walk around the block and I come across the trail, inside a Spruce stand, that I use when walking to my parents. Being so present in the moment, my heart is beaming softly, my mind is clear, ready to receive. I heard them say...

“The spruce told me that we should just leave the land alone and let it be. Especially when it comes to invasive species and management. They think that we have gone too far in controlling the land. We think that we are above momma earth and the natural laws.

Then I tried asking questions but no answers. I was only meant to listen today.“

536 am April 25 2021

I think they know we meant well to try and protect and preserve, but I also feel like we’ve become obsessed. Like it’s become a game to measure and see whose stick is the biggest, strongest or smartest. Why fight and argue over the land and who gets to manage it. Momma deserves Peace. And so do you. It’s important to monitor and observe, and intervene if absolutely necessary. But I think the Spruce are saying that we are actually slowing down the natural succession and cycles by intervening all the time. It’s like helicopter parenting lol

When we are at Peace, Momma is at Peace. When we walk the Earth peacefully, we act from a place of wisdom and love. Slow down and observe. Where are we focusing our energy? On fighting the old? Or creating the new? We have a new opportunity to rebuild our relationship with Momma Earth and all her children. If we choose.

Mahsi cho

Kristielyn Jones


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