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Updated: May 23, 2021

✨Connective tissue

✨Cobwebs on the attic

✨Crystal clear boundaries

✨Meticulously warped speed

✨Collective consciousness

✨Hurry up and wait

✨Feed the fire and watch it burn

✨Soon it will be your turn


✨Will you be my valentine?

✨Eagle spirit

✨Total freedom and reminisce

✨Caught between two sides don’t know which way to run

✨I feel you near me when you sing about being in the sun

When will it be my turn to have some fun

All you have to do is ask and it is done

✨Fortune tellers don’t tell your future, they remind you of who you are

✨Quit glossing over the facts with rose coloured glasses. See people for who they truly are and not for who you want them to be

✨Believe them when they tell you who they are the first time

✨Weed out the garden of your mind it’s time to plant new seeds for new growth and abundance

✨Frequently asking for help but not able to receive

✨Ghost. Someone regrets ghosting you. You scared them. They couldn’t handle your light so they ran.

✨Forgive and let go.

✨Humans are funny that way. They want love but then run away.


✨Guaranteed success if you choose to believe in yourself.

✨Reminders of the past are meant to serve a purpose but not to control your present or your future.

✨A dime a dozen.

✨Recognize your worth, the rest will follow.

✨Follow the streams, there’s something to the way the water flows and bends. The power or holds is unlike any other thing in this world. Appreciate the water and what it teaches you. If you open your mind and heart to receive.

✨Flags. Watch out for the red ones. The green ones too.

✨Fragrant. Clairgooscient.

✨Constant reminders.


✨Humbled and attuned.

Make it happen hunny!

✨Why do I feel like I can talk to you but yet you’re no where to be found.

✨Delicious memories surround me. Haunted by these memories. Why can’t I move. What’s there to fear? Ego and pride are in the way. What to say what to say.

✨”I can hear you. You seem to forget that sometimes. It’s everything that I’ve told you before. Do you believe me now?”

✨The space in between is no where to be seen because we are one in the same, yet still prestine.

✨Cloaked in armour but yet still so fragile. Who would you be without the armour? Do you dare to know?

✨Maybe then you would see what I see.

Conflicting assets. It’s only conflicting because you’re evolving. What you once loved is no longer viable in your new atmosphere. Allow yourself to choose a better life for you and your family.

✨Protestant chapel.

Forgot the noise in the back of the room

✨Caught in the wind turbine

Make mistakes but learn from them.

✨Let it snow, let it grow.


✨Kill the passion. How’s that working out for you?

✨Believe to see. We’ve said it before.

✨Missing you hurts more than it ever did in the past. They have haunted regrets don’t mean it’s over, I just don’t know what to do to change.

✨Persevere. Overcome. Detours. Remember what we said.

✨Follow your bliss. Be true to your heart.

✨Don’t get run over by a reindeer lol

✨Forgotten codes, discarded youth.

✨Level out and return home. You are loved and you are missed.

✨I had no idea. Boyfriends be crazy.

✨Politely say no and walk away.

✨Redeem the lost parts of yourself in your new timelines.

✨New level, new devil.

✨Love. That’s it. It’s simple. Choose love darling. Every single time.

✨They’re proud of you, you know? Your angels and ancestors. They wish you could hear them. They hope someday you will open yourself enough to hear them speak to you.

✨Akashic records.

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