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Collective Downloads

✨Free estate in the long distance

✨Lightning colts and plastic chairs

✨Yellow submarine


✨Fake friends

✨Money hungry side burners

✨Contemplate the outcome

✨Forget that there was a reason to lie and say what you need to say

✨Jokes aside, this was a fun ride

✨Glue and petunias. Putting them all in a basket for the relief fund. Golumere.

✨Hostess with the mostest.

✨It’s time to believe in magic because here we go!

✨Forget the codes that were given, use your heart to guide the way

✨I swear untold you where so was going. Why am I blanking out all the time?

✨My way or the highway, there’s no

I’m between. Sounds like a trap.

✨Try telling the truth. Be honest from the beginning.

✨Stop setting yourself up for pain.

✨Lost and found. The truth that was lost is now found. Creator has gifted you clarity about a situation that has been haunting you for a long time. Remember the key to your success isn’t about how much you do but how well you do it.

✨Take your time stay aligned.

✨Gifts abound you all you have to do is try.

✨Remember what was said to you that night, do you remember?

✨Haunted house kisses

✨Glass door and cyanide

✨Humongous health risk. What is it gonna be? (Still not a doctor lol)

✨Collecting dust and particles in the refrigerator. It’s time for an upgrade don’t you think?

✨Where do you wanna go? Who do you wanna be? It’s all free and fancy free

✨Pot ridge and gaslow

✨Yellowstone bridge. Count the blessings on the tree that saved you from before. You know what I’m talking about.

✨Monkey see monkey do. What are they gonna do now because they watch you?

✨Be bold and beautiful in your endeavours. Don’t look back.

✨Clearly state what it is that you want to the Universe and watch it unfold.

✨Magical and mystery.

✨Healthy living. Healthy glow.


✨Needle nose dolphin.

✨Empire. Strikes back.

✨Who know what it’ll be in a few thousand years. Try to think that far into the future the next time you dig something out of the ground.

✨Implications and fortitude. Time travel. With your mind. Don’t get warped into the future timelines or get stuck in past time. You are creating each timeline in this now moment.

✨Sigh and relief.

✨There is something to this song that I can’t put my finger on. It’s just so good!

✨Jealous and spiteful. That’s okay, shadows are meant to be loved unconditionally. We are all in the process of learning how to love ourselves deeply enough to love other for their success. Keep smiling. They love it when you smile.

✨Deep regret for a past doing. There was more to the story than what was shown. Try and remain open to receive the guidance and answers you prayed about for weeks. It’s coming. Be patient. Stay open. The maze will be lifted.

✨Colonial statesmen and foggy glasses.

✨Kill a mockingbird.

✨Houston we have a problem. There’s a snake in my boot. Children nostalgic. Childhood memories. Contemplating life. Ending of cycles. Congratulations. You made it.

✨Popcorn kernels are the devil lol

✨Holy amethyst is your best friend. Call upon her energy to help transmute those inner demons you called home. It’s time to vibe higher my friends.

✨Capitalize. Catapult. Concrete ideas leave a master plan, pray. When the good gets going, the going gets tough.

✨Money market bliss. You’re getting the hang of it now.

✨There’s nothing to fear of but fear itself.

✨Remember the guidelines that you set for yourself. You have the keys to your own success.

✨Believe in the things that matter most to you and leave the rest. Let it go.

✨Hold on tight it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

✨Banana pudding. Who knew it tasted so good.

✨Raleigh. Bike. Green and silver. Sword sticker. It wa stolen and needs to be returned to sender. Give it back to them.

✨The Divine sees all. Just saying.

✨Holy moly carcass. Deer hunting in the woods near Jasper creek. There’s something there. That’s hidden.

✨Fallopian tubes are tied.

✨Garbage disposal.

✨Curly hair and French fries. Going on dates and having fun.

✨Girl talk.

✨Ghost on the wind. You sense something but don’t know what.

✨Hold onto your hats. It’s a blustery day.

Forgive and forget. Will keep reminding you of this.

✨I’m between the masses lies the great mystery of life. Will you dare to look at it or yourself to see the truth for all that is. And will be?

✨The fold. Shadow and bone. Great show.


✨Polyamorous lifestyle.

Don’t judge.

Let people love who they love.

✨Keep things a secret. It will cause you to get sick.

✨Hold your breath for ten seconds and let it out slowly. For the count of 8. Try again until you stop hearing the ringing in your ears. Follow your heart. (Not a doctor, always seek medical advice from a doctor)

✨Gastro bypass

✨Healing the masses one day at a time.

✨Seen a beautiful cupboard. Green, blue with flowers and white knobs. DIY project.

✨Solar plexus.

Going Live Tonight for the Collective on YouTube!!


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