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Energy & Life Update: *Scorpio Season*

(October 22 - November 21)

All about them Death & Transformations!!

During some major life changes (transformations), it's imperative to nurture ourselves in ever way possible. To keep that balance that we may have achieved (or at least learned that we desperately need some balance in our lives), during Libra season. This is what is going to help make the transition a little more smoother.

Is it just me, or do you feel like we are being prepared for something big?!

Bottom line up for yourself before you try and show up for anyone else. And don't let anyone try and convince you that you're not doing enough, or "showing up" online consistently; because honestly, how are we going to give anything to anyone from an empty well. You come first. PERIOD.

It takes practice for some of us newbies. The rest will follow, I promise. That is why I've been in hermit mode, and not very active on this platform, because these past few weeks have been about taking care of me. Unapologetically, caring for myself. Mind, Body and Spirit.

With all of these planets going retrograde then direct, it impacts different aspects in our birthchart, and the different houses they represent (basically). This past month I haven't been too focused on the stellar knowledge but what I have been feeling intuitively. I donno about you, but Libra season was a fucking doozy!! I'm sure some of you can relate.

But like I said before, a lot of the energies I have been feeling are helping me to focus on the details in my business, my family, my goals, which are all extensions of my Divine Soul. But with this Sagittarius mind of mine, I loooooove thinking expansively, cosmically and Universally. But Creator is telling me to focus on the details, while healing, and really nurturing my beautiful awakening heart.

I am very grateful though, I have learned a lot (will share more soon). But it has taken my full attention and intention to put that love and light back into myself, while managing my schooling, my home, my child and most importantly, my recovery.

The biggest lesson in all of this is to respect Divine timing. Do not force yourself to make a decision based on other people's influence. You know what's up! You know your truth! God knows your truth! So what's the rush?!?

Get tuned in. Tapped in. And turned on, my loves!! Cuz the rest of this year is gonna be lit!!! Mad Love

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