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Pisces Pre-Downloads

Protect your energy

Focus on what matters and leave the rest

There is going to be a lot happening around you but stay centred

Remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing

Hold true to yourself but stay ventured in your heart

Hold onto nothing

Crown chakra awakening

Forest and fire weeds


Staying the course of your dreams.

Guilty traits of an alchemist


Wooden cabin

Pisces, this is your time to shine if you choose to stay in the highest of vibes.

There are light and shadows to every zodiac sign and we each play a karmic role in someone’s life. Know, see and understand the dramas that are happening around you but don’t get submerged into the darkness. Use your training and your light to guide yourself and others if you can.

Stay grounded in the now.

Remember your strength and your agility.

You know your truth and you don’t have to prove it to anyone. Stand tall and proud for the work you have done and the levels you have accomplished. But humbly accept that there is always more work to be done.

Excessive thinking or caring about what others think of you is going to be eclipsed.

Think, acknowledge and self reflect on the things you know you need to let go of.

Watch it magically disappear from your life.

Floating rope - you might be able to be a lifeline to others but don’t let them pull you down beneath the surface. Where you can drown with them. You need to take care of yourself first.

Don’t allow people to keep taking energy from you but also stop giving away your precious energy.

Ebb and flow. The more you know, the more you grow.

I can’t help but feel like I made a mistake.

Detrimental to your health.

Holy water, glass is full.

Paradigms are shifting rapidly, know where you stand. The karmic wheel is shifting for everyone.


Release. Repeat. Revise. Retrograde energy. Respond. Communicate. Reciprocity. Hang the line.

Everyone’s on the line.

No one gets left behind.

Peace of mind.

Let go of shady people and let go of being the shady person

You aren’t a victim

Stop being shady

You wear your lies on your sleeve as if the world isn’t waking up to it

Constitutional makeup

Witnessing change through the embodiment of frequencies

There’s a reason why you can feel these shifts. Trust yourself more.


Miracles abound

Open yourself up for them to be found

Diligently occupying space but what is the point of this human rat race

Humbly ask for the guidance you need, we all need it at some point in order to succeed.

Ghostly night vision doesn’t make you weird. You have a gift that needs to be shared with the world and it is your responsibility to find out how and why.

Although you know this already.

Patriarchal paradigms crumbling to the ground. The internal microcosm.

Stay focused. It doesn’t need to be hard.

Follow suit. Ace. Spade. Heart. Diamond.

Clever mastermind will be awarded in the end.

Remember this is a game. One that you’ve played for many lifetimes.

Stay focused.

Penalties will be given to those who think they can cheat Saturn, the king of Karma.

Hopeful analogies will help you to sustain a positive mindset in times of darkness. Use your Will power and your mind safely, effectively and for the highest good.

Remind yourself of your why.

Do you believe me now?

Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

Because it was never about them, it was about you learning to believe in yourself.

Forget facades. Let the masks fall as they may.

Don’t keep score, that’s your ego talking. Forgive and move on.


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