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🌙🖤✨That’ll be the Death of Me✨🖤🌙

Death of the season and run into the muck. You never knew patience until you got stuck. The hinterland is approaching and what are you going to do? Except beg for mercy and act like a shrew? The countless days are awaiting your awakened state, for the fortune tells you that you’re going to be late.

Forget the the past before it serves you again, To lie again in the shadows of a requested safe den, you know better than this for you have travelled here before.

Don’t what ever you do, open that door, you’ve crossed many paths to get to this point, don’t lie to yourself if that wasn’t the point.

It’s in the journey dear one that finding yourself still, hanging onto the door handles of the past lives and still.

Hold steady, hold true, you’ve heard these words before. You’ve counted on them many times to open the door.

Spill your hatred out while you still can, because where you’re going, my dear, is NeverManLand.

Does that make sense? I sure hope it does not. For you felt this before, and even then you still fought.

The girdles of grey nuns exited your mind, as you traversed the dimensions of your inner space and time. Forget the folk tales that ran in your family, where you are going is not common to many.

You’ve been here before yet your mind still forgets, the veil has been lifted so you can now make your bets. Superfluous times in a superfluous way, doesn’t mean that you have the point to stay.

Let go and let God, for your heart knows what’s true, stop doubting your magic for its all apart of you. Stop trying so hard to become what you’re not, shed the faces that keep you locked up.

Be easy be gentle, the words ring a bell, it’s what your momma told you when you fell down the well. Ghostly matters of the present are in the flints of your soul, you’re meant to be here, you are meant to know how.

Listen to the creaks and crevices in your vernacular bones, they sing a sweet melody of a tune that nobody knows.

But you do, fair one, in your eyes they can see, what wasn’t meant for many, but for you to foresee.

The times they are changing and I can feel your inner knot, don’t be afraid, for you have been underground and fought.

Many battles my love, the kind that people don’t see, but we do, yes we do. The colours they bleed. Into velvets and purples and sparkly dancing lights, welcome to magic of the Ancestral nights.

Where we dance to the Moon and we offer her stones, she cares for our dreams, in ways no body cares to know. Study your books but most importantly study your heart. For it tells you of the story, of how you fell apart. Bring it all together, bring it back to the Fool. Where the lightness is freeing and the empty cup pools, hold onto your hats, my dear.

This one is for you.

The crack in the doorway, spells your name not once but thrice. Hidden the messages like the cats and the mice.

How do you play an instrument you’ve never heard before? You must listen quietly, and feel the vibrations through the floor.

The messages they come, the messages they go. They have a story to tell, but only few will ever know. The magic it pulses throughout my body, I can’t stop it, it is spiritual, it is holy.

It is a Holy Part of Me.

Dance with me darling, if for just one last time. Under the moonlight in the abyss of my time. The curtains they fall and you hear the last howl, it is time my precious, to forge through and past it all.

Feel my intent, feel my bliss, feel it while and feel it true. Feel the way I intend to fall back in love with you. The curtains they close another fated heartbreak, the sounds of the glory in the distance, listen as they fade.

What sounds am I making, what is this noise deep inside. It feels like the demon that tried to run, he tried to hide. From the pain and the manic of the despair he brought to the world, to me and through me he bled all over the place. Not a sound to be heard, not even a trace.

Where did he come from? No one seems to know. The doctors they said that they would put on a show. And tell me dear one, where have you been all my life, when I was injured and lonely and burdened with my back to your knife. It’s backward you see, the way I hunt for these demons, it’s not meant to be easy, but yet it is free.

To spell, to divulge my inner truth, my inner light. It grew dimmer and dimmer, after every single fight. Hold the line hold the line!!! They are coming to save!! The brave ones of glory, the demons they slayed!! In the light while I was sleeping, in the night when I was awake, they tore through my body like it was a fucking birthday cake.

The rebirth felt fine, as any evolution can be, But it was the walking and talking that felt foreign, so foreign to me. Like walking on energetic eggshells, I knew what was mine, but the rest that I felt, was so very hard to define. Dear teacher please tell me the reason of it all. He said, my child, it was you, you have been the orchestrator of it all.

You hold the power and you hold the key, to the Divine within you and the Divine within me, to embark the dark path to realize this truth, that my son, you are of Me, no matter the rules.

Hold steady, hold true. Your essence aglow. You are fair greater and mightier than you will ever allow yourselves to know! It is time to Ascend, it is time to Prevail! You are the warriors of Light and it is time now, to sail into deep waters we go, not once but twice and I’ll handle the bow. To honour your truth and your Ancestors now, not tomorrow or the next, but today. In the Now.

Fortunes foretold that you would experience this trip, but you never knew what it meant and yet you punish yourselves when you slip. It is a dance, it is a game, enjoy your life today. Don’t wait any longer, take the leap, Fool, take the leap. And don’t forget how to play.

The stability you grew as a seed to the Light, you’ve found three answers, now go out and fight. With the love in your heart and the fire in your belly, co-create the world of your dreams, Into your reality.

Hold steady hold true, this is not about them this time, it’s about you. Share the abundance of your light with the world, serve in light and love and feel the blessings tenfold. Dance with the magic and dance with the Lord, feel the impulse of creation soar through you and more.

The blessings are here just reach out and touch my hand, I’ll show you the way to NeverManLand.

End. For Now.


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