Virgo Pre-Downloads

🌺Virgo speaks German

🐚Holy moly the time is now

🌼The energies of the past are fleeting energies that don’t matter anymore

💐Hot and cold

🌺Virgo the Stallion

🐚Hold onto you knickers boy we’re going to Vegas

🌼Virgo is distracting themselves from something important they know they need to do

💐Enjoying the ability to be distracted but it now time to get to work

🌺There’s something tied to the Sagi reading for you guys

🐚Hold the phone, there’s more to this than what meets the eye

🌼Jokes aside

💐Honey bee


🐚Poppyseeds and Polaroids

🌼Stop blocking your greatness

💐Get up to speed with the times

🌺Holy water

🐚Forgiveness is the key to your freedom and happiness

🌼It’s time to let him go and move on

They were never meant to walk this path with you

💐Cause and effect

🌺Page of Pentacle - time to shift into student mode

🐚Hamburger delight - it’s time to switch it up dude

🌼Throat chakra - you want to say something but you don’t know how to say it without hurting someone

Just say it. Don’t hold yourself back because of others. Keeping yourself passive is a detriment to you and not them. Stop sacrificing your light for others.

💐Yin and yang

🌺Hotel California

🐚Humbled journey

Going live tonight on Facebook for your reading Virgos!! See you there!!


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