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A step-by-step guide to your healing journey, navigating important relationships, healing your inner child and cultivating transformative relationship skills in your life based on reciprocity and healthy communication!!


Jam-packed with all the tips and tricks to set yourself up for success during trying and turbulent times. 


Workbook based from the Healing the Legacy Coaching Program!! No need to sign up to the program, you can follow the workbook to embark on your own self-led transformative journey!


Option to sign up for single-session or coaching package if desired!


Mahsi cho fam!

Healing the Legacy Workbook

  • There are no refunds after purchase. The workbook is for educational purposes, and in no way a substitute for professional and/or therapeutic services. I am not a registered or licensed therapist. By purchasing this product, you agree with the terms and conditions found on my website. 

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