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Being the Change, that We needed.

Isn’t it fascinating, how we become the person that we have always needed during the toughest years of our lives?

Whether that was childhood, going through a divorce, quitting a job, or putting up with bullshit in relationships?

Eventually, slowly but steadily, we become undone. From all the chaos, the wreckage of our poor choices, only to find redemption in our faith for a brighter, stronger, more fulfilling day.

It helps when we lean on our faith in a higher power, and our Spirit Team to encourage and remind us that we’re on the right path. I didn’t do this transformation alone, it would’ve been impossible.

Instead, I humbled my sorry ass and got on my knees to pray. For guidance, strength and peace. Protection.

And I was delivered.

God didn’t allow me to quit. But I also don’t know how to quit. And I think that’s one of the characteristics he loves the most about me.

I have a dream, and we’re making it a reality.

Co-creating with the Universe, my one and only, my true father. The Lord, my saviour. Thank you for not giving up on me.


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