Sagittarius Pre-Downloads

Updated: May 24, 2021

🔥Open your eyes to the possibilities

🌷Watering can

✨Exhausted. The energetic warfare that you’re fighting in is depleting your energy. Call on help from the angelic kingdom to fight for you.

🔥You are heavily protected and loved

🌷Fight for your dreams but don’t kill yourself doing it lol

✨Enjoy the moments in between and nurture yourself with the love from others and Momma Earth

🔥Forge your plans even if they don’t all make sense yet. It will unfold in Divine Timing

🌷Trust your heart and the guidance you receive and move forward

✨I know your tired, keep going

You’re almost there


🌷You are the living embodiment of Heaven on Earth. We see you carefully weaving Spirit into your work and grounding down the Higher Realms into your physical plane of existence. You are doing it masterfully, even if you don’t always recognize that.


🔥Other people’s expectations of you will show you the type of people they are. That is not your responsibility. It is another form of control and isn’t viable for where you’re at today. You’ll know energetically.

🌷Find a balance and equilibrium between you and your relationships and commitments. You are doing the work of the New Age.

✨Don’t forget formula.

🔥Feeling blissed out is a reward you can give yourself for remembering who you are exactly.


✨Guilt and lies. You’re gonna have to do so em something about it or God will intervene.

🔥The truth will always come out.

🌷One more time, one more night.

✨Benny Banassi - Every Single Day


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